Revaluation Advisory Services, LLC - Helping Local Governments Navigate the Tax Assessment Process
There Is No Substitute For Fair & Equitable Taxation!
We can assist your Assessor's office improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing assessment problems and develop strategic plans for improvement and practical solutions.
Has your municipality been ordered to conduct a revaluation, or are you planning to undergo a reassessment or attempt a Chapter 251 compliance plan?
Given today's economic climate it is imperative that municipalities maintain their tax assessments or risk a huge volume of tax appeals & refunds.  If not maintained properly a never ending negative financial cycle begins with a drain of municipal finances, future tax levy increases to replenish reserves and an erosion of uniformity within its ratable base.
The revaluation/reassessment/Chapter 251 process can seem very complex and overwhelming to many elected officials.  The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way!  Allow us to assist your community and partner with your officials to methodically plan, analyze and implement the highest quality revaluation, reassessment or compliance plan possible.
Ratable base analysis, comprehensive revaluation specifications and transparency of the project are mission critical to a successful revaluation.
We have over 20 years experience in the Ad Valorem/property tax field.  It is our goal to help you navigate the minefield of obstacles that are routinely encountered with the revaluation process.
Our goal is to assist your municipality navigate the revaluation procurement process by creating specifications that provides the framework for the fair & equitable assessment of all property and promotes & preserves the public trust which is crucial to any revaluation project!
We offer:
  • Contract preparation & related procurement documents
  • Revaluation/Reassessment/Compliance Plan project liaison
  • Tax Appeal Management Program
  • Tax Appeal Consulting & Analysis
  • Tax Assessor Office Management Consulting
  • Tax map update management
  • Post revaluation/reassessment assistance
  • Chapter 251 - Compliance Plan preparation
  • Revaluation / Property tax policy advisement for County, Municipal & State governments
  • Litigation support
  • Impact projections / Analysis
  • Public relations - Presentations
  • Assessment/Property tax education programs
  • Technology needs assessment
  • Tax Assessor recruitment services
  • Tax Abatement/Tax Exemption consulting
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